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Phys Ed, Library & Health


Welcome to Physical Education, Library and Health!!


Welcome back!! 

Thank you for all you did to make our two remote weeks as successful as they were!!

You are amazing!!  We celebrate you!!

Week of January 25 – January 29

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Physical Education:  Moving does a body good!

  The students in all grades will try a variety of activities with the short and long jump ropes.  The activities will help the students to develop muscular endurance and strength, body control, cardiovascular endurance, agility and basic locomotor movements.  Teamwork and cooperation will be stressed in all classes.  We continue to observe the 12 foot social distancing rule for Physical Education that is recommended by the state in all Physical Education classes.

Rising New York Road Runners

The students in Grades Kindergarten through Six are participating in the “Rising New York Road Runners” program again this year.  This is a free program sponsored by the New York City Marathon.  The activities and laps the students take part in during Physical Education class count as movement and mileage for the program.  The students receive incentive awards for achieving designated mile levels.  The goal of the program is to encourage the students to be active.  The students work very hard to achieve their miles!

Library:  Ready!!  Set!!  Read!!  It’s a great way to grow your brain!! 

The Pre-K students will work with their letter of the week, D, and their theme of the week, author Laura Numeroff.  Grades Kindergarten through 2 will continue to explore the parts of a book.  There will also be time to read the book  Dog On a Frog? by Kes and Claire Gray.  The story is definitely a rhyming adventure!!

Any library books checked out this week are due back on the students next library day.

Be sure to read, read, read and read some more!!



Health:  Be a “smile spreader”!!! 

The students in Grades 3 through 6 have been working on a Mental Health Unit.  The students will wrap up their work with the term gossiping.  They will share what it feels like to gossip or to be gossiped about as well as ways to deal with those feelings.  If time allows, they will begin to explore what it means to be a good sport and its importance..

Here’s to a wonderful year full of learning and discovering!!

Thank you for sharing the gift of your children!!  They are such a blessing!!