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Welcome to music class! This is a class where students are challenged to think outside of the box and have fun. During their time here at St. Jude The Apostle, students will learn about theory, history, music in cultures around the world, instrument families, how to read and compose music, and so on.

Our Pre-K and K students have recently been learning how music can be fast, slow, loud, and quiet. While listening to different paced songs, the students are encouraged to dance around with scarfs. While listening to songs with different dynamics, students are given shakers and encouraged to reflect how loud or soft each piece is by shaking their shakers either loudly or quietly. We are almost always on our feet dancing around, playing instruments, singing, and having a blast!

Grades 1 through 6 have recently been learning about mid to late 20th century Avant Garde music. The term “Classical Music” was introduced, defined, and analyzed. Classical Music has changed drastically over time. Avant Garde music, an example of 20th century Classical Music, was created to break boundaries and challenge how the world defines the term “music”. The idea is that music is more than just notes on a page. Music is constantly all around us. To an Avant Garde composer, any noise counts as music. Students were recently given an everyday object and asked to compose and notate an Avant Garde style piece. Students were given objects such as plastic cups, water bottles, a music stand, and pencils and paper. This composition project is still in process, however, the students are fully engaged, challenging themselves, working together, and being creative.