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6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade

Highlights From:

Week of 1/11-1/15

If your child has been accepted and/or received a scholarship to a school for next year, we want to know so we can congratulate him/her!

**Congratulations to Gianna for her acceptance and scholarship to LaSalle Institute!

**Congratulations to Lucy for her acceptance to the Academy of Holy Names!



  • novel: Wonder by RJ Palacio- completed- students are working on end of novel projects DUE FRIDAY 1/22

  • grammar: conjunctions and articles     review: subject and predicate of a sentence

  • figurative language: simile vs. metaphors

  • writing: product reviews

  • STEM List #9 including:  gamy, plu, prim, pyro, rupt, se, soph, tang, tempor, trans


  • algebraic expression substitution

  • review: positive and negative integers on a number line, PEMDAS (order of operations)

  • I-Ready (individual student progress),


  • Earth- unbelievable places and top 10 amazing facts

  • Ancient Water Clocks


  • Mesopotamian system of writing

  • Hammurabi’s Code of Government (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth)


  • on-line journal entry