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Jeffers’ Journal

May 16th – May 20th

Welcome to the thirty-fourth issue of Jeffers’ Journal!  Are you ready for another fun week of learning? Please remember to come to school each day with an open mind, positive “I can” attitude, a friendly smile, and eager to be a member of our team! Remind your family and friends to continue to send in their donations for the Race for Education!

Important Dates to Remember:

May          16th Mass with Father Pat Rice

                  17th Spring Picture Day

                  27th No School or CASE

                 30th Memorial Day-No School or CASE

Here’s a breakdown of our learning:

  1. Math: Its important children learn math facts for addition/ subtraction/multiplication/ division with the goal of automatic recall!  For the upcoming week, we will be practicing using the two volume formulas (V= L x W x H and also V= B x H) and also learning how to find the volume of prisms that are combined. Students will be taking their Topic 11 Test on Wednesday, May 18th.  The next topic they will be learning about is Measurement. They will begin the topic learning about customary units of length and capacity.
  2. English Language Arts:
    1. Grammar: Students will learn how to proofread their writing for subject-verb agreement, capital letters, and punctuation using the proofreading symbols. We will also be learning about prepositions, prepositional phrases, and also subject pronouns. What is a preposition? How can you identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence? What is a subject pronoun?
    2. Vocabulary: Each week students have 12 new vocabulary words and complete different activities each day (sentence completion, synonym/antonym, matching, word meaning, and context clues).
    3. Reading: An important skill we will be practicing is reading articles or passages and answering comprehension questions. There are three types of connections that readers can make: Text-Text, Text-Self, and Text-World.  First, a Text-Text connection is a connection between two texts.  Next, a Text-Self connection is a connection between the text and yourself. A Text-World connection is a connection between the text and the world. Making connections is something that good readers do all the time!
    4. Spelling: Each day students’ will learn two or three commonly misspelled words and a mnemonic device to help them remember correct spelling.  They will practice writing the word in a sentence.
    5. Book Club: There are three book clubs happening in Room 5!  The books are: Wonder (By: Palacio), The Great Gilly Hopkins (By Katherine Paterson), and The Landry News (By: Andrew Clements). They are very excited to meet and talk about the connections that they are making!  There are great discussions taking place which shows they comprehend what they are reading!
  1. Writing: We will continue to practice writing strong paragraphs and building our writing stamina each day.  What is an explanatory essay?  It is an essay that explains something to the reader. Last week we learned a lot about Explanatory writing!  This week we will be learning about writing the middle of the essay or the body paragraphs, which give the reader more information about our topic. To wrap up the essay, we will write our conclusion.
  2. Reading Logs:  My goal this year is to encourage your son/daughter to find a love of reading!  I am asking that your son/daughter read a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night. A reading log should be completed each night. The Reading Log must include the Title and Author of the book and a summary of what they read. How do I start a summary?  Who is the chapter about?  What happened in the chapter? What is the setting of the story?  When did it take place?  Why did it happen?
  3. Science: What do fireworks, rubber, and also silly putty have in common?  How do gases cause explosions? Can you knock down a building using only dominoes?  There are some other chemical reaction experiments we will be completing!
  4. Religion: The theme for Chapter 12 is We Pray the Lord’s Prayer. We will be focusing on how God wants us to bring our needs and requests to him in prayer. We will take a closer look at the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Students will learn how to pray the Lord’s Prayer using Sign Language. They will complete the Chapter 12 Test on Tuesday, May 17th. The theme for Chapter 13 is God Saves Us.  What are some characteristics that all people have?  What is original Sin?  How does Jesus bring salvation to everyone?  What are some ways that God is a merciful and loving Father?
  5. Google Classroom: Students have completed many assignments in Social Studies and Religion.  They receive an email which contains the grade for the assignment that they submitted.  Please ask your child to share with you what he/she has been doing. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.
  6. Communion Service: We will be attending a Communion Service with Father Rice on Monday, May 16thth at 9AM.
  7. Book Buddies: Which book shall we read first? Those are the words you hear in the gym on Monday afternoon when we meet with our first grade reading buddy!  Everyone finds a comfortable position and takes turns reading! A great time is had by all!  We all leave the gym excited to meet again!
  8. Prayer Buddies: On Tuesday afternoon we are Prayer Buddies with Kindergarten! We help them understand the theme they are learning about in their Religion class.