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3rd Grade

With Lent in full swing, I hope every family is making an attempt to look at and discuss each day’s assignment on the Lenten calendar that was sent home. We talk about each day’s task in school during our morning meeting each day but this should be discussed and completed at home each evening. We will continue to remove a link from our Lenten prayer chain each day. The kids really enjoying seeing who we are praying for each day and waiting for their prayer requests to come up.

The children are working hard on creating their own Stations of the Cross as well. Each week, the children locate Scripture in their children’s Bibles that explains three more stations. They then color a picture of the station and place it inside a wooden frame that they make from popsicle sticks. This week we will be working on Stations 4-6.

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This week the children were able to see Mrs. Stacey candle our eggs for the first time. We discovered that only 3 of our 7 eggs were fertilized and growing. Mrs. Stacey will be bringing us 4 fertilized eggs to add to our incubator this week so that we can have 7 hatches (fingers crossed!). The children enjoy checking the chart each day and seeing what changes are hopefully happening inside our eggs. This week we will be candling each of our eggs again to look for evidence of a growing chick. Parents are welcome to join us. We will be candling this Thursday at 1:45. What a great experience to have during Lent which is all about New Life!

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The children should be practicing their multiplication facts EVERY night! They can do this with flash cards, online games or with ixl. We all know that the best way to memorize your multiplication facts is with practice, practice, practice.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.