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Weekly News Notes for February 26th

Weekly “Knights” News

February 26, 2020


Tomorrow, 3/27 Virtual Open House – From 10:00 to 11:00AM St. Jude the Apostle School will be holding a Virtual Open House. Any new families that are interested must email Mrs. Hoffay at khoffay@stjudetheapostleschool.org to request an invite to the Open House before it begins. If you know of anyone that would be interested please let them know.


Dr. Seuss Day – Tuesday, 3/2 we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Come dressed in Dr. Seuss attire. This is not a dress down day so if you do not come dressed in Dr. Seuss attire you will need to have your school uniform on.


Stations of the Cross – We will be celebrating Station of the Cross each Friday with the following schedule:

2/26 – Kindergarten & 6th Grade

3/5 – Grades 1-5

3/12 – Kindergarten & 6th Grade

3/19 – Grades 1-5

3/26 – Kindergarten & 6th Grade


Use of Online Daily Attestation Form ALL families need to complete the online attestation prior to 7am each day to allow us time to download, print and disperse the daily report to all staff members located at school entrances. This will also require ALL parents of drop-off students to accompany their child(ren) to the entrance to show your completed screen to the staff member assigned to your child’s entrance. For siblings, parents/adults will need to take a screen shot of all siblings’ approval screens to be able to show the staff member at the door each day. If multiple adults drop your child(ren) off at school during the week, please share the link or the daily screenshot(s) with that adult doing the drop off. Remember that the screen color changes daily to ensure that we do not admit a child whose attestation has not been submitted. For children who ride buses to school, Miss Larkin will use the printed report to grant entrance to those children.




Registration for 2021-22 – Packets were sent home the week of 1/25 for you to review. Please check your information and return the registration with the non-refundable registration fee to the school office as soon as possible in order to hold your child/children’s place. New families to our school for 2021/2022 began registering on 2/16 and classroom spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis going forward. In order to secure your child’s spot in next year’s class, the form and registration fee must be returned to the school office! Our virtual Open House for prospective families is this Saturday, 2/27 and we are expecting a large turnout. If you have any questions or concerns about registration for 2021/2022, please contact Mrs. Hoffay.      



We are raffling off $100 each day in March and $1,000 on St. Patrick’s Day! Thank you for the wonderful job everyone did selling tickets!  Our current class standings are as follows:

1st place Pre-k Meyers – 148 tickets sold

2nd place Pre-k Freyssinier – 137 tickets sold

3rd place Pre-k Dunham – 129 tickets sold


It’s not too late to bring in tickets. The class competition will end on March 31, so keep selling!

The class that sells the most tickets will win a dress-down pizza and ice cream party!  Please put your family’s last name on each ticket and all grades on the back.  Return your tickets each week if possible, so we can update the class standings!

Tickets can continue to be purchased online at https://go.stjudetheapostleschool.org/sjs-luck.


Please make sure your child/children are coming to school with a clean mask on. Please wash

masks nightly. If they come to school with a dirty mask they will be given a paper mask.            


Reminder for Drop-off & Pick-up Families – When dropping off students in the morning, cars may not park on either side of Dana Avenue (in front of school). Cars that do so are blocking a fire lane and blocking traffic. ALL cars must park in the school parking lot, and parents must exit their vehicles to accompany their children to their assigned entrances. For families that pick-up students at dismissal, you must loop through the school parking lot and exit back out Dana Avenue toward Hidley Rd. Ext. YOU CANNOT PASS BUSES WAITING TO BOARD STUDENTS NEAR THE CHURCH!!! Doing so is against the law and North Greenbush police have received complaints of our families violating this law during dismissal. Please comply with procedure for the safety of all of our students and staff!


School Closings and Delays – Winter has arrived! Please make sure you have updated any changes to your phone number and email address with us. When our school alerts go out to our families about school closings or delays this is how you will receive the notice. You may also listen to your local TV stations for any updates.


North Colonie Milk Orders – Some children do not have money in their accounts at this time. North Colonie will not allow these children to order snack or lunch milk. Please check your accounts and make sure they have enough funds in them for your children to be able order milk. We just would like to clarify that the cost for snack milk is $.60 for each milk your child/children order. If your child/children order lunch milk the cost is $.60 per milk. If your child/children order lunch, milk is included.

At this point in time you all should have received the information in regards to the online payment system called K12 Payment Center. This is where the charges of ordered milk will be posted to your child/children’s account. Lunches are currently free; you will be notified once this changes. You may set up one time payments or recurring payments through the K12 Payment Center. Please make sure your child/children’s account has funds in it so your child/children may purchase their milk. If you did not receive the information for the K12 Payment Center please let us know.


School Store Fundraiser – This fundraiser helps our teachers earn materials for their classrooms. Family members and friends can earn money for our school while doing their regular shopping. Our families have earned the school nearly $8,000.00 to be used for classroom supplies. Orders have been delivered! Christmas came a little early for our teachers. Pictures were shared on the school’s Facebook page. Keep shopping and earning money for our school!


PCA NewsOur next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 1 at 6:00pm. A virtual invite will be emailed that day. Thank you to everyone who is working to raise money for our beloved school!


Santa’s Workshop made a profit of $27.00.

Sweat Shirt Sale made a profit of $1,700.00.

Alexis Diner made a profit of $500.00.

Alumni Appeal has made about $11,000.00 so far.

Luck of the Irish sale is going on. The first ticket to be drawn will be March 1st!

Race for Education is scheduled for May 14th.

Awards Dinner is scheduled for May. We are looking for donations for our auction.

Clink has a matching donation. More information will be sent home.

Geranium sale is being worked on for a possible end of May fundraiser. Any ideas?

All of the above is a work in progress thanks to our dedicated families. Fundraising helps our school in many ways.


Health Office – Update 1/8/21 –  NYS travel restrictions, quarantine protocols and zone regulations are always changing. Please be aware of these new guidelines.  These guidelines can be found at www.coronavirus.health.ny.gov . Also, please refer to the list of symptoms from the Department of Health located on the schools daily student questionnaire sheet, before sending your child to school.  If your child has any one of the symptoms listed, please keep them home, as well as any siblings, and call St Jude’s to inform us of the illness. The student will need to see a provider within 48 hours (per DOH) and a medical note faxed to the school prior to the students return.

While at school, if the student presents with any of the symptoms listed, the student and any siblings will need to be picked up promptly and seen by a provider.

To return to school the student will need to provide a note from a provider, with a diagnosis, within 48 hours of being sent home or kept home due to illness.  This note will need to be faxed or emailed to the school prior to the students return.  If the provider feels a covid test is not needed, the provider will need to state that along with a diagnosis.  (Per DOH)

If a covid test has been done, the student will need to wait for the results prior to returning. The test results can be faxed or emailed to the school nurse prior to their return.  The school fax number is 518-283-0475 and the school nurse email is bvermilya@stjudetheapostleschool.org

If a covid test is declined, there’s the option for 10 day quarantine. Please call the school for details.

If the student or any family member has been placed under a DOH quarantine, a department of health release letter will need to be emailed to the school prior to the students return.  This letter can be requested at the end of the quarantine period, by asking your contact tracer to provide it.

Please feel free to contact myself or Mrs Hoffay with any questions or concerns.

Thank You,

Mrs. Brenda Vermilya, School Nurse


Live Streamed Masses –The Parishes of St Michael the Archangel and St Jude the Apostle are continuing to live stream daily and weekend Masses. Especially during this difficult time, as the whole world is inflicted with the Covid-19 virus, we can come together to pray for healing and peace for all the people of God. Daily Masses are at 8:00 am Monday thru Friday; and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:10 pm. Weekend Masses are 4:00 pm Saturday and 10:00 am Sunday. You may attend these Masses, ALL are welcome, or they can be viewed at either parish Facebook page. Click on the Parish Facebook link, or enter the Church Name and Location and Facebook into the search bar of your Facebook page or any web browser: St Jude Wynantskill Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StJudesWynantskill/ St Michael the Archangel Troy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StMichaelTroyNY Come worship with us!


If you would like to donate to our collection you may do so through the Parish website http://parishes.rcda.org/stjude/ by either PayPal donate button or filling out an electronic giving form and sending it to Patti Mugrace mugrap@gmail.com .


Thank you,

Fr. Anthony


When Shopping  Don’t forget our Online Fundraisers – As always we have our running fundraisers! So please continue to keep us in mind!

Price Chopper – Go to https://www.pricechopper.com/tools-schools and register your Price Chopper Advantage card with school code 15906.

Amazon Smile – Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ and choose St. Jude the Apostle School as your charity of choice. Every time you shop at Amazon, use amazon.com when you shop and .5% of every purchase will go to support the school. Thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com, or with AmazonSmile turned on in the Amazon shopping app, everyday purchases generated over $236 million in donations to charities worldwide so far.

  • $233.81 to St. Jude the Apostle School*
  • $216,932,702.17 to all charities in the US
  • $236,903,641.58 to all charities worldwide

Hannaford Helps Schools – Shopping Online with Hannaford To Go  – Look for the apple icon to shop more than 1,500 products online and earn money for your school! Turn in any School Dollars you collect to the collection tower in-store by Saturday, May 29th, 2021.

Shopping In-Store – Look for shelf tags on more than 1,500 products in-store and earn money for your school!

  • Collect your School Dollars from an associate at checkout, then deposit your School Dollars in the collection tower in-store.

February Reminders


Luck of the Irish Tickets on Sale

2/27 from 10:00-11:00 – Virtual Open House for prospective families (Help us get the word out!)


March Reminders


Luck of the Irish for the month of March. Win $100.00 each day and $1,000.00 on St. Patrick’s Day!

3/16  Professional Development Day  No School/No CASE

3/24  Race for Education Labels Due

3/26  Race for Education Mailer Day

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