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Student Ambassadors Learn and Practice the Life Skill of a Proper Greeting and Handshake

This month the St. Jude the Apostle Student Ambassadors from grades 3-6 learned and practiced how to greet others properly and the art of a good handshake. So many of the events these boys and girls participate in throughout our school, parish and community brings them face to face with new people. Therefore, giving a proper greeting and extending a good handshake is essential in their volunteer work. We began by working in small groups to brainstorm ways that we could greet others: saying hello, waving, a hug, or a handshake. Each group then presented to the rest and a thoughtful discussion was had. The children then learned the 6 steps to a proper greeting: stand, make eye contact, smile, state a greeting, say the other person’s name (if known), and a handshake. Finally, we had some time for our returning ambassadors to teach the our new ambassadors how to do a proper handshake. So, if you see any of our ambassadors at community, school, or parish events, expect to be greeted and to have a proper handshake extended to you.

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