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Creating and coding in Virtual Reality

This week, the 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade students began exploring some new digital storytelling mediums. Utilizing the program Cospaces EDU, students were able to construct their own environments and bring in characters into a digital world of their own creation. Most importantly, students were able to begin using their coding skills from their code.org activities to begin to give animation and movement to their characters. While these initial activities were just a beginning step towards building and coding their own digital stories, students could quickly see how these new skills could be applied. Best of all, the students were able to project their worlds using augmented reality, and even put on the virtual reality headset and explore their own creation in virtual reality. Additionally, some students began exploring how the Merge cube could be used in hands on learning using augmented reality. A merge cube is a QR code enabled cube that allows a student to “hold” digital objects and explore them by projecting the digital object onto the cube, and then in the classroom we can project this to the front of the classroom for all to see.

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