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1st Grade

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I hope everyone is feeling healthy. We had a great first week of distance learning, and I was happy to see many of my first-grade friends’ faces and hear their voices while we could not be in the classroom together.

This week will be nearly the same as last week as far as expectations, with a few slight changes. Beginning tomorrow, I will need to “take attendance” by 7 PM. You may have noticed that daily I have assigned a calendar for the children to complete; this will be my “attendance”. This daily calendar must be submitted to me by 7 PM each day for the student to be marked as “present”.

I understand that some families have unique situations where a parent or family member may be a first responder or work in the medical field and at times you may not be home in time for your child to submit their calendar by 7 PM. If this is an issue for you, please contact me and let me know. 

Monday Meeting: On Friday, we used Zoom to have a “meeting”. Many of the students were able to participate and I loved being able to have a real-time conversation with them! I have emailed other teachers and noticed they are mostly meeting in the morning, so I will be doing a weekly Zoom meeting Mondays at 12:30 PM. On Mondays, we typically have a chat where we take turns talking about what we did over the weekend. I want to continue to do that while we are out of school. I understand not all families will be to join, which is why I will not be doing anything academic during this time. If you would like your child to participate, please click the email link below at 12:30 PM tomorrow and make sure they have a device with audio and video so we can see and hear them. Also, please review the following etiquette with them.

  1.  Sit so the camera is showing your face and remain as still as possible (no jumping, rocking, etc)
  2. Avoid unnecessary background noise and put yourself on mute when necessary.
  3. Speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear

Assignments: I will continue to post videos and assignments daily on SeeSaw. If your child can do them as they are posted, great! If not, that’s okay too. Make a schedule that works for your family. Other than the calendar, all other assignments will not be due until Sunday at 2 PM. This is when I plan to check in all SeeSaw work for the week, as well as go on each of the websites below to record lessons completed, books read, etc.

Weekly ELA Assignments:

RazKids- Listen to 5 books, then read those books by yourself and complete the questions that go along with each story. If they finish all five, the students may read and take as many quizzes as they want past the five that I have already assigned.


Spelling City-  Login to spelling city in order to practice spelling words, vocabulary words, and other ELA games online. Also, you may practice spelling words in other ways that are not on the computer. After students finish the assignments, they can play as many spelling games as they want.

Weekly Math Assignments:

Zearn-  Complete all lessons through Lesson 22. If your child needs additional practice, they may follow along with the Teaching Independent Learners video. The kids may need paper/pencil or dry erase board/marker (this is what she says to get out, but I realize not everybody has that at home). Please do not go beyond Lesson 22.

Teaching independent learners videos (optional):

iReady-  Complete 5 lessons (student assigned or iReady assigned). Students can do as many lessons as they would like past the five I have already assigned.

Xtra Math- (optional) Complete Xtra Math daily, if possible

If you have any questions, please let me know! I have videos of me signing on to each site as a student, so if you are having trouble with any of the websites, I can send that to you.

Have a great week!

-Miss Crandall